Dr. Daniel brings years of experience in organizational leadership, team development and leadership training. He is an articulate, effective Educator and Organizational Leadership Specialist with exceptional active listening and interpersonal skills. He has demonstrated keen use of conceptual, analytical, and technical adroitness through extensive leadership and technical professional experience. He is an enthusiastic leader noted for team consensus building, professionalism displayed through unique presentations and colloquy to a wide range of clientele. He has advised as a consultant on research, marketing, management, sales, and leadership-development. With diverse skills, Dr. Daniel has directed and lead to improve and exceed organizational goals and outcomes and help businesses determine if their leadership, teams, and culture are well suited and aligned to their business strategy. With a Doctoral Degree in Organizational Leadership and Development, he has helped organizations leverage the best talent optimization tools to help in the on-boarding process and inspire them to achieve maximum organizational results. This unique experience gives him a window into the fast-paced world of executive leadership. Dr. Daniel has worked in a wide array of capacities from Electronics Engineer, Entrepreneur to Executive. His C-Suite experience has allowed him to carve out company core values, cultivating a culture of continuous learning, engagement and feedback, personality and development assessments. This approach is patterned off Myers-Briggs, Six Sigma, 70-20-10 Learning and Development Model and HRIS approaches to Organizational Leadership and Development. Dr. Daniel has facilitated and spoken for a wide variety of training events and retreats in the U.S, Canada and the Caribbean.

Dr. Rae Daniel